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5125251Dev Ops Engineer Salt Lake, UT L4 04-01-2015
2075121Orthopedic Coder Nationwide, US 03-05-2015
1829627Radiology Coder Nationwide, US 12-29-2014
3618830Senior Healthcare Product Manager Salt Lake, UT L5 10-02-2014
4259279ENT Coders Nationwide, US 09-24-2014
1894459E/M Coder Nationwide, US 02-25-2013
1880409Podiatry Coder Nationwide, US 02-18-2013
3204114HCC Coder Nationwide, US
4544343Behavioral Health Auditor (Remote) Nationwide, US
5096697Inside Sales Specialist Salt Lake, UT L4
5096712Regional Account Executive Nationwide, US L4
5128371Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Coder Nationwide, US
5128719Interventional Radiology Remote Coder Nationwide, US
5128752Supervisor Facility Inpatient/Outpatient Coding Nationwide, US
5374942Facility QA Specialist Nationwide, US
5468141E/M and Surgical Coding Auditor Nationwide, US
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